Jason McFarland (China) publishes ANNOUNCING THE FEAST


announcing-the-feastJason McFarland (China 2012–14) taught at Zunyi Normal College in Guizhou, Western China and while there he learned Chinese and continued his academic career with the hope of pursuing post-doctoral research in Chinese liturgy after his tour, and before he returned to the US. An avid amateur chef, he also spent his free time learning to cook Sichuan cuisine, as well as learning to play the Chinese gourd flute and also dabbling in Chinese meditation techniques.

His academic research interests include liturgical-theological method for the interpretation of non-textual primary sources, liturgical ecclesiology in light of contemporary modes of belonging, the intersection of liturgical studies with ritual studies and ethnomusicology, the dialectic tradition and creativity in liturgical praxis, and the function of liminal phases in religious ritual.

Jason has an extensive background in liturgical music, holding undergraduate and postgraduate music degrees. Music is also the topic of his first book: Announcing the Feast: The Entrance Song in the Mass of the Roman Rite (Liturgical/Pueblo, 2011).

A specialist in liturgical studies, sacramental theology and ritual studies, Jason earned his Ph.D. from The Catholic University of America (Washington DC).

Jason Farland

Jason McFarland

Before his current academic position, he was Assistant Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at St. Norbert College (De Pere, Wisconsin). From 2005-2012, Jason was also the Assistant Editor at the International Commission on English in the Liturgy based in Washington D.C. and completed research projects for the United States Bishops Committee on Divine Worship. After all that, he went to China with the Peace Corps.

Today, Jason is at Australian Catholic University (ACU) a public not-for-profit university funded by the Australian Government. He is the Assistant Director of the ACU Centre for Liturgy in in Sydney, Australia, and works closely with the Bishops Commission for Liturgy to support, promote and enhance the liturgical life of the Catholic Church

Announcing the Feast: The Entrance Song in the Mass of the Roman Rite
Jason McFarland (China 2012–14)

Pueblo Books
352 pages
$39.95 (paperback), $37.95 (Kindle)



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