January 2012 Books by Peace Corps Writers

small-key-160A Small Key Opens Big Doors — 50 Years of Amazing Peace Corps Stories, Volume Three: The Heart of Eurasia
edited by Jay Chen (Kazakhstan 2005–08)
Series editor Jane Albritton (India 1967–69)
Travelers’ Tales/Solas House
$18.95 (paperback)
336 pages
October 2011

letters-moritz-120Letters From Moritz Thomsen: Peace Corps Legend
by Christopher West Davis (Kenya 1975–77)
$11.95 (paperback)
137 pages
October 2011

about-face-120About Face: A Novel
by Carole Howard (Staff Spouse: Ivory Coast, Togo, Senegal 1972–75)
Warkwick Associates
$13.95 (paperback); $2.99 (Kindle)
315 pages
September 2011

talk-funny-girl-130The Talk-Funny Girl
by Roland Merullo (Micronesia 1979–80)
$23.00 (hardcover); $14.00 (paperback); $11.99 (Kindle)
320 pages
July 2011

citrus-white-gold-120Citrus White Gold: An Alternate History of Citrus County, Florida
by John Charles Miller (Dominican Republic 1962–64)
$14.95 (paperback)
223 pages
August 2011

you-cant-pick-up-120You Can’t Pick Up Raindrops: A Collection of Short Stories
by John Charles Miller (Dominican Republic 1962–64)
$12.95 (paperback)
185 pages
January 2012

coming-apart-120Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010
by Charles Murray (Thailand 1965-67)
Crown Forum
$27.00 (hardcover), $12.99 (Kindle)
January, 2012

isla-vista-crucible-120The Isla Vista Crucible
by Reilly Ridgell (Micronesia 1971–73)
Savant Books and Publications
$16.95 (paperback)
268 pages

through-eyes-children-120Through the Eyes of My Children: The Adventures of a Peace Corps Volunteer Family
by Frances Stone (Philippines 1971–73)
Peac Corps Writers
$12.99 (paperback)
172 pages
January 2012

power-people-120Power of the People: America’s New Electricity Choices
by Carol Sue Tombari (Ethiopia 1967–69)
Fulcrum Publishing
$14.95 (hardcover), $9.99 (Kindle)
195 pages

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