Jack Allison Sings To Stop The Coronavirus (Malawi)



Sue and Jack in Nsiyaludzu, Malawi

Jack Allison (Malawi 1966-69) presently serves as Professor Emeritus of Emergency Medical Care, College of Health & Human Sciences, Western Carolina University, where he teaches, performs research, and spearheads faculty development.

In 2012 he volunteered during the month of February with Medical Teams International in Kenya and Somalia where he provided both emergency medical care and public health education to Somali refugees; and in October he volunteered with Marion Medical Mission on a public health project in Malawi and Zambia where he helped to install 112 shallow water wells.

Allison’s avocation is singing/songwriting. He has written over 100 songs and jingles, and recorded over 80 of those. Since 1967 he has raised $150,000.00 with his music, and he & his wife, Sue Wilson, have given away all of these monies to various charitable organizations, including $30,000.00 to help feed Malawian children who have been orphaned because their parents have died of AIDS.



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  • Congratulations, Jack, for a remarkable medical career that began as a Volunteer in Malawi, and for this memorable song.

  • –Dear All–
    This 60-second jingle originally was a 2 1/2-minute song that was commissioned by GCEEF, the august group that sponsored my 8-day mission to Haiti immediately after the earthquake in January 2011. My music partner, Jim Hunt, has deleted the Haitian patois.

    Please use this as you see fit. Remember, please, that public health songs & jingles are so much more effective if they are facilitated.

    All the best, and please stay safe!


    –Jack Allison-

  • I love your jingle! I live in a senior living situation where we need to wash our hands constantly! Fun song! My husband and I were PCVs in Ecuador number 1 from 62-64 and country co-directors in Chile 80-82. We wrote the first ever published book by RPCVs called “The Barrios of Manta” published in 1965. Would enjoy sharing and keeping int ouch. I live in Minnesota and stay active in RPCV activities. Rhoda Brooks

  • Jack, where can I listen to your songs? You will be part of our PC BOOK CLUB IN philadelphia, In June. Catherine

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