INDIA BY RAIL AND ROAD by Steve Kaffen (Russia)

Steve Kaffen (Russia 1994-96)


India is the epitome of a continent-in-a-country. It is a living museum of ancient towns, moated forts, colonial hill stations, desert outposts, and frenetic cities. It is the birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism and with Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, and Christians playing important spiritual roles. Indeed, opportunities for spiritual awareness, including group and individual meditation, exist throughout the country.

India’s extremes stretch the emotions. Its economic and social issues of poverty and wealth assault one’s sensitivities, while its natural beauty — the Himalayan mountains, Rajasthan desert, forested northern hill towns, and sprawling beaches and winding canals of the southwest — is visual overload. The energetic and uninhibited lifestyle of the residents — never a dull moment — seems to transform the country into an improvisational stage show.

Using some 400 representative pictures complemented by descriptions and narrative, Steve takes us on a grand tour of the best of India: its great cities, picturesque towns and scenic landscapes, historical and cultural sites and festivals, residents and their lifestyles, and the author’s travel experiences on India’s trains and buses.

India by Rail and Road
Steve Kaffen (Russia 1994-96)
Independently published
April 2022
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  • ‘India By Rail and Road’ is a fascinating look at the country told through hundreds of stunning photographs and narrative. I highly recommend this book to travelers looking to take a deep dive into India through buses and trains.

    • Thank you for the wonderful comment. I sincerely appreciate it. There’s a story about the cover photo. Unlike the photos in the book, taken in 2013 and 2016, I took the cover photo as a slide in 1985, my first visit to india. For those who have visited India in recent years, you know it’s impossible to photograph the Taj Mahal with fewer than hundreds of people milling about. The time of day of the photo, late afternoon, explains the shadows on one side of the Taj.

    • John, it’s a free download, an Amazon promotion of the book, through Wednesday, April 6th. Go on the book’s page on, and you’ll “buy” the book for $0. If you have any difficulty getting it, please contact me via John. I hope you enjoy it.

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