I found a way to combine my passions….Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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    • Eating during bankers hours,
    • during the time others are sawing wood
    • and the termites are eating it,
    • hunger is first things first. Not sex.

    • Not shelter. You live, learn and still
    • and all we knock on wood because
    • you’re never too young to step up to the plate
    • , but you have to prioritize especially
    • if you are a vegetarian as big as a reindeer.

    • From the get-go when you are beating
    • the tom-tom for dinner you don’t shilly-shally
    • or you’re so full of beans
    • (though it’s no skin off your teeth).

    • As for freeloaders with time passing
    • for anyone who knows his onions
    • those layabouts will soon learn
    • a new rite of passagewhen they are
    • deader than a doornail. OK,

    • plants eat animals, animals
    • eat plants and other animals, but do
    • plants eat other plants? (fungi, plants?)
    • Jeez louise, you say, it’s screwey louie

    • as far as the eye can see. But all
    • you really need to know
    • is that time-flies enter the ointment:
    • because if it isn’t omnivory or carnivory,
    • it’s herbivory, and a herd of hippos.

    • ©copyright Edward Mycue

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