I Am a Fact Not a Fiction: Selected Poems
by Edward Mycue (Ghana 1961-63)
58 pages
October 2023
$10.00 (Paperback); $2.99 (Kindle)

“Ed Mycue’s poetry is a lifetime of surprises. He was born surprised, grew up on wonder, and now surely lives under the ever crashing waterfalls of amazement. His language is pure chirp, flip and rouse. It never ever sleeps. Savor his lines — like memory — for as long as you dare”
— Hiram Larew, author of More Than Anything and Part Of

“The precision of Ed Mycue’s dreamscape is laser-sharp and as warm as chocolate. Images rush pell-mell across the page, jumbling and tossing each other aside as one supplants the other in a rush to break the barrier between words and meaning, perception and feeling.”
— Laura Kennelly, Ph.D., Associate Editor, BACH: Journal of the Riemenschneider, Bach Institute

Edward Mycue (Ghana 1961-63)

San Francisco poet Edward Mycue was born in Niagara Falls, New York, and raised in Texas. He was a Lowell Fellow at Boston University Graduate School of Public Relations and Communications, a WGBH-TV Boston intern, a Macdowell Colony Fellow, a Peace Corps teacher in Ghana, editor at the Norton Coker Press, and he taught American Literature at the International Peoples College in Elsinore, Denmark.

He has had 18 books or chapbooks published. His poems appear in multiple anthologies and journals. I Am a Fact Not a Fiction is a selection of poems culled from three areas of interest: War and Peace, Life / Time Memory, and History.

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