Human-lion Conflict in Kenya film by Alan Toth (South Africa)

Human-lion conflict in Kenya

The lion population in Kenya is crashing. Humans and lions are competing for space. In spring of 2017, armed herders invaded protected lands in Kenya seeking grasses for livestock.

Alan Toth (South African 2010-12) recently traveled to Kenya to document the struggles of conservationists and researchers as they work to decrease this human-lion conflict.

Alan Toth is a filmmaker and journalist. He is educated in journalism, multimedia production, and fine art. He worked for many years in cable television and publishing. He served as a Peace Corps volunteer in South Africa from 2010 – 2012.

He directed and produced the feature documentary Posh Corps in 2013. He’s worked with numerous San Francisco Bay Area media groups including KQED in San Francisco. He studied at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

Alan has many years of experience with public speaking. He is an accomplished solo storyteller and has spoken at universities around the country. His recent speaking engagements include USAID, US Peace Corps headquarters, and the Commonwealth Club of California.

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  • Some fifteen years ago, I was obtaining funds for MAP International to protect the elephants using electric wiring to keep elephants out of the villages–so this struggle to balance economic opportunities through tourism, with local needs and still preserving wild life habitat continues. This documentary is especially timely as Congress is cutting back on some of the limitations for elephant trophy hunters although the President is “reviewing” the policy. But this is where the global village has to work together to find the appropriate solutions.

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