How To Write Your Peace Corps Memoir by Larry Lihosit (Honduras 1975-77)

Peace Corps Experience: Write and Publish Your Memoir by Lawrence F. Lihosit (Honduras 1975-77) explains how to write, publish and promote a memoir. In seven easy-to-read chapters, the author outlines the art of organization, research, writing, editing, self-publication and promotion. The book includes great examples and advice from other Peace Corps memoirists.

“It’s written for the novice,” explained Lihosit, “someone who is not a professional writer and realizes that our stories about service are valuable and should be shared.”

The author of nine other books and seven pamphlets, Lihosit was inspired to write this how-to book following an unexpected response to our posting of his article about book formatting (The Arts: On Writing and Publishing, December 6, 2011). Within four hours of posting, readership increased forty percent.

The Peace Corps community reaction to the book has been positive. Jane Albritton, the series editor of Peace Corps at 50 Project, called it “a gift-wrapped challenge.” Robert Klein, author and part of the Kennedy Library’s Oral History Project advises, “Tell your Peace Corps story, but first study this book.”

The book is now available in hardback, quality trade paperback and e-book at the iUniverse Bookstore and will be available on within weeks.

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