How To Write A Blog

Want to write a blog? Here is some  basic information on writing one that might be useful, (not that I listen to myself!) 10 blogging tips.

Keep your blog item short. Like being in the Peace Corps, it’s: “In, Up, and Out”! No more than 750+ words. Make one point in each blog, then get off the page.

Try and post 3 times a week. You want readers to know you are out there and thinking of them.

Start your items with a news ‘hook’ or with a great story, then make the point you want to make.

Write from the heart, and as if you are having a conversation with a close friend. Don’t try an impress the reader with your prose.

Talk about yourself, what you know, and what you have experienced. Be personal and honest. 

Cut open your vein and bleed on the computer. Show passion.

Write in simple sentences and with clear and concise language. We are not all that smart.

Be specific with your facts and details. Paint a scene. Do as all good writers do: show, don’t tell us.

Link us to other blogs that share your views or who can add to the discussion of what concerns you.

End the blog with a great closing line. Ask people to respond. Say, “What do you think?” Everyone has something to say. Some people might even agree with you.

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