Honoring Sargent Shriver & Special Olympics

“Working with Sargent Shriver at the Peace Corps was one of the best experiences of my professional life, and our friendship continued to grow. Sarge gave his all to service – domestic, international, anti-poverty, anti-racism, justice, equality and freedom for all. Throughout the last two decades of his life, Sarge continued to devote himself to service for the intellectually challenged as the Chair and CEO of Special Olympics. 

Let’s honor Sarge and his Sargent Shriver Special Olympic Global Messengers. 

Harris Wofford
Instrumental in forming the Peace Corps
Peace Corps Director/Ethiopia; Special Rep to Africa
Associate Director of the Peace Corps


Sargent Shriver was a man of conviction and courage. He stood for important things with a reputation of not letting anyone down. He was outstanding. 

C.. Payne Lucas
Co-founder AFRICARE, President 31 years;
Peace Corps Director Togo & Niger; RPCV ’60s


“During these times which cry out for heroic action, we should remember that no couple has done more good for more people in more places and done it more selflessly than Sarge and Eunice Shriver. Their example calls for each of us to carry on their mission, whether in large ways or small,  whether it touches millions of lives –  or one. It all matters.”

Colman McCarthy
Sargent Shriver’s speech writer
Office of Economic Opportunity ’60s,
Founder, Center for Teaching Peace


Dear Friends of Sargent Shriver, Peace Corps and Special Olympics, The 50th Anniversary of Special Olympics will be celebrated in Chicago July 17-21. Sargent Shriver, founder of the Peace Corps, dedicated the last two decades of his life to Special Olympics – ”bringing the world back home”.

In 1998-2000, he selected Special Olympians as “Sargent Shriver Global Messengers” to be the face of Special Olympics from Poland, Dominican Republic, Uganda, Egypt, Trinidad & Tobago, Illinois, Ireland, PA and Washington (state).

We would like to bring the Sargent Shriver Global Messengers to Chicago for the 50th Anniversary of Special Olympics (where Special Olympics began) to acknowledge their dedication and to honor Sargent Shriver’s lifetime of service.

Mary Davis, CEO Special Olympics and I look forward to your support. Every donation counts.

We hope you can join us on June 8, Friday, 6:30 pm at 3907 Huntington St NW, DC

Join the “Inclusion Revolution”

Geri Critchley, RPCV



“Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”

Tim Shriver, Chair, Special Olympics 

VIDEO message


You are cordially invited to a reception/benefit with Mary Davis, CEO Special Olympics to raise funds for the original Sargent Shriver Global Messengers** from Poland, Dominican Republic, Uganda, Egypt, Trinidad & Tobago, Illinois, Ireland, PA and Washington (state) to travel to Chicago in July (between 17-22) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Special Olympics, to acknowledge their contribution and to honor Sargent Shriver’s lifetime of service.

June 8, Friday, 6:30pm

At the home of  Geri Critchley
3907 Huntington St NW
Washington DC  20015
Wine & hors d’oeuvres will be served
RSVP geri.critchley@gmail.com

We invite you to send a comment about Sargent Shriver.

Comments will be shared with the Shriver family and Special Olympics 50th anniversary.


to honor Sargent Shriver

June 8, Friday, 6:30pm

Donation: $100


(can also pay at the door)



– every donation counts – no matter how small



– a donation of service would be appreciated

Please sign up to volunteer

in Chicago in July or in your local community.


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