Here’s a RPCV Game to Play (on this rainy day)

RPCVs have been there, done that. What’s your travel story? To start, here are the countries I have visited over the years (A lot fewer in recent years). Total up all the places you have been before, during, and after your Peace Corps tour. What’s your next country?

Coyne’s List

Lived There ***
Only Toured **
Brief Visit *

African Countries (21)

Morocco **

Gambia **

Senegal *

Sierra Leone *

Liberia **

Nigeria **

Cote D’Ivoire *

Ghana *

Congo *

Botswana **

South Africa **

Lesotho *

Zimbabwe *

Mozambique *

Tanzania **

Kenya **

Uganda **

Malawi *

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia ***



European Countries (10)

Dublin, Ireland***

England **




France **

Germany *

Menorca, Spain***

Italy **

Greece *

Caribbean (6)

Bahamas *

Barbados *

Haiti *

Cuba **

Puerto Rico **

Mexico **

Asia (1)

China **

 Next Place

Turks and Caicos




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  • Good game! But I think all the places you list as S. American are actually considered to be in N. America…
    My own list is 28 countries, and like you, my largest number is in Africa.

  • My Peruvian husband and I have lived in Italy & Peru over several years and visited 108 other countries. Presently, we’re at the end of a month touring most sections of Morocco.

    Traveling and Writing books about where I ‘ve lived and traveled fills my days in retirement.

  • Enjoyed the game. My grand total is 74. However, including the U.S. I have lived and worked in 18 different countries, 15 of them in Africa. Such is the life of a diplomat. I plan to pick up three more countires this year.

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