Here is what critics, book reviewers, and other writers have to say about this RPCV Novelist

“It takes a really crafty storyteller to put people on the edge of their seats and keep them there.”

Chicago Tribune

“The masterful___plays delicious tricks on his readers.”

Perri O’Shaughnessy

“_____is the master of the successful suspense mystery.”

Pittsburgh Tribune Review

“____will have you turning pages furiously.”

Otto Penzler

“____makes chills race down readers’ spines.”

Publishers Weekly

“A master of plot and pacing-and one of those rare authors who can create a genuinely surprising ending.”

Lisa Scottoline

“In the hands of _____, nothing is ever simple and no one is really safe. He is the master of suspense mystery.”

Associated Press

“_______knows how to pack in the thrills.”

Tess Gerritsen

“______deliver[s] one of his cleverest cases.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Like his inspirations, he gives us plenty of gems: shocking situations met with clever wisecracks; sordid personal histories that tumble out in a moment of panic; broken souls who confess their love only when it’s all too late.”

The Oregonian (Portland)

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  • Well, it is tempting to go with George Packer as an outlier because “Assassins’ Gate” was a very big deal. But fiction usually beats out non-fiction and until recent years the stuff of which movies are made. Iraq has ginned up some good and popular movies, but “Assassins’ Gate” is not one of them.

    Also tempting is picking John Coyne, because he may be the most prolific of Peace Corps writers. But movies and total sales. No.

    So Theroux has to be the champ of all PC writers. We all have copies of at least three or four of his great books.

    This is too easy. Hope Coyne has a big slush fund to pay the postage on the prizes. But he’ll probably deliver

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