Health Justice for Peace Corps Volunteers posts new request

Health Justice for Peace Corps Volunteers advocates for serving Volunteers and RPCVs. The group has been successful in bringing attention to the serious health related problems serving Volunteers may have incountry as well as the problems facing RPCVs with service connected medical conditions. Members have worked, not only with Peace Corps, but  also Congress seeking solutions. Both the pending Sam Farr Peace Corps Enchancement Act HR2259, which HJPCV has specifically worked for as well as the pending  Nick Castle Reform Act of 2018, S2286, reflect the attention they have brought to these important issues

Now, a serving Volunteer wishes to gain support to ask Peace Corps to change existing STI testing guides. HJPCV supports her efforts:  From the HJPCV Facebook page:

“A currently serving Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroon is reaching out to PCVs and RPCVs to bring the attention of the Peace Corps to an important health issue facing volunteers. Male volunteers in some countries are being denied access to STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing due to a misinterpretation of a PCMO Washington policy.

She says, “Because I and many other volunteers believe male PCVs also should have a right to STI testing services should they want them, we decided to write a letter to Quality Nurse in DC asking that they change or clarify this policy to ensure those seeking healthcare services receive them. Because when working with Peace Corps, you often need a lot of people backing something up, we are trying to get as many PCVs/RPCVs from as many countries as possible to sign.”


For more information, go to the Health Justice for Peace Corps Volunteers Facebook page or the webpage for the organization:


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