He Could Have Joined the Peace Corps!

Yesterday’s Sunday’s, New York Post, April 13, 2014 issue carried a piece entitled: “THE SPERMINATOR Father of 99 children tells all.”

Ed Houben is his name and he lives in Holland and is, says the Post, “Europe’s most prolific sperm donor, and one who prefers to contribute the old-fashioned way.” He now has children in Australia, Israel, Canada, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France,Luxembourg, Italy, England.

Houben charges no money for his services, partly because it’s illegal to buy and sell human material in the Netherlands and partly because he see himself as a true humanitarian.

“I could have joined the Peace Corps,” he says. “But I stumbled into this.”

What he does is something like this: If a woman arrives alone–which she rarely does–he will have sex with her in the master bedroom of his apartment. Far more common are couples, and logistics can be complicated. While Houben and the woman retire to another room, the men will sometimes “stay in the living room and watch TV, read a book. Other times, the men prefer to be more involved. Some will sit in the room and watch.

You just can’t make this stuff up!

In the old days, my guess, the Peace Corps Shrinks would have labeled him: Low Risk/High Gain.


Ed Houben

Ed Houben


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