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The Northern California Returned Peace Corps Association knows how valuable Hesperian books are to Peace Corps Volunteers — many used Where There Is No Doctor or our other health resources during their service overseas. But the Peace Corps does not provide every Volunteer with Hesperian’s lifesaving resources. The NorCal RPCV Association wants to remedy that, so they have awarded us a grant to send free books to Peace Corps Volunteers whose US home is in Northern California.

This program is brand new, but we have already sent 26 books to PCVs serving in Ecuador, Ghana, Liberia and Lesotho. This grant provides the resources to send 50 more books that support not just the work of PCVs, but also will be left in the host community to ensure that our health information makes a lasting impact.

If you are a PCV from Northern California, you can apply on our website. And if you are part of an RPCV group in another region of the US, please contact us to learn how to set up a similar program for your region.

Too often we meet an RPCV who sees our books for the first time and says “I could have used that in my host country!” Please consider how you and your RPCV organization can extend the transformative power of health information to more communities.

Hesperian is a nonprofit organization committed to providing clear, up-to-date health information to people worldwide. Please help us continue our work by making a donation or by buying directly from us.
Knowledge for action. Action for health.


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  • To those of you belonging to country-of-service groups: Hesperian is a fabulous organization that sends their books for free to those who live in developing countries and request them. For a number of years Ethiopia & Eritrea RPCVs has had a program of donating $$ to Hesperian to pay for the books sent in response to the requests from Ethiopia and Eritrea.The books are great for health workers, especially those living in villages far from hospitals. They are also great for secondary and college libraries. Get your group to start supporting Hesperian for your country – and urge those you know in-country to request the books. This is just some of their titles:
    Where There Is No Doctor,
    Where There Is No Dentist
    Where Women Have No Doctor
    A Book for Midwives
    Helping Health Workers Learn
    Disabled Village Children
    Helping Children Who Are Blind
    Helping Children Who Are Deaf
    A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities
    HIV, Health and Your Community
    The Childbirth Picture Book

    To See the full list, go to:

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