Glenn Blumhorst’s RPCV Vacation (Guatemala)

If you call or email Glenn Blumhorst, NPCA President
This is the message you get:

“Greetings from El Paso! I’m on a volunteer vacation at Annunciation House March 19-29, with limited internet access. I’ll respond as soon as I can.”

Short-Term Volunteers for Emergency Hospitality

Posted on March 18, 2019

Beginning in summer 2018, we have seen an increase in the flow of refugees arriving at the El Paso border. As ICE detention facilities filled, the number of refugees being released by ICE increased.  As of the end of February 2019, 400-700+ refugees per day are being sent to Annunciation House.

We are urgently seeking additional short-term volunteers to help us provide hospitality to these refugees. For more information, please read this document (PDF).

Glenn Blumhorst (Guatemala 1988-91) continues to serve. He’s an example for all of us.



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  • Thank you, Glenn for posting this detailed description of the work done by the El Paso volunteers. This is the most comprehensive coverage I have seen of the scope of the services rendered through Annunciation House. You have opened many eyes. Thank you, too, for putting yourself on the line.

  • Bravo Glenn, Ligia & I volunteered at a shelter in Phoenix hosted by the Guatemalan Consul which probably has similar circumstances to the one being experienced in El Paso–of the 60 families all but 8 were Guatemalan. Ligia translated for the Physicians Aid who was a RPCV–of course. Although Ligia is Guatemala–most of the women spoke a Mayan language making communications a challenge as well.. I’m working on an article about the Guatemalan immigration situation for “WorldView.” RPCVs/Guatemala have lots to do in the near future.

  • Thank you, Glenn for your service and the great example it sets. I hope in Austin this summer, the Peace Corps Connect Conferece has time set aside for all of you who have volunteered to share your experience. Austin, Texas is not that far from the border. Would it be possible for people working with the immigrants to come to the Conference, explain their work and help other
    RPCVs sign up to help.

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