Georgia among top 10 Peace Corps volunteer states in US

Georgia among top 10 Peace Corps volunteer states in US

By News Staff

January 24, 2024 at 12:29 pm EST

ATLANTA — Georgia as a state has a long history of service in the U.S. Military. In addition to its large population of service members, Georgia is also among the top 10 states for volunteering with the Peace Corps.

According to the federal organization, Georgia and Pennsylvania are tied for No. 8 for states with the most volunteers for the Peace Corps.

In 2023, both states contributed 54 volunteers each.

The Peace Corps said close to 4,000 Georgians have volunteered since its founding in 1961.

“I am grateful to all the states and communities across the U.S. represented on this list for inspiring the powerful sense of service that has led so many to join the Peace Corps,” Peace Corps Director Carol Spahn said in a statement. “While abroad, Peace Corps Volunteers share their full selves – including a bit of the hometowns that helped shape who they are – with the communities they serve. And everyone benefits when those experiences are as richly diverse as our nation and everyone who calls it home.”

Members of the Peace Corps work with communities across the globe to “support sustainable change that positively impacts countries for generations.” The federal organization calls its service transformation for volunteers and helpful for cultural exchange and understanding.

The top 10 states for Peace Corps volunteers in 2023 are:

  1. California:180 Peace Corps Volunteers
  2. New York: 92 Peace Corps Volunteers
  3. Texas:87 Peace Corps Volunteers
  4. Florida:83 Peace Corps Volunteers
  5. Virginia:76 Peace Corps Volunteers
  6. North Carolina:71 Peace Corps Volunteers
  7. Colorado and Maryland:69 Peace Corps Volunteers
  8. Georgia and Pennsylvania:54 Peace Corps Volunteers each
  9. Washington:53 Peace Corps Volunteers
  10. New Jersey:51 Peace Corps Volunteers

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