Friends of Korea Publish Their Story In Photos

The Friends of Korea RPCV group has just published an amazing book of the photographs taken by PCVs in the years when they were Volunteers in Korea. As the FOK rightly say, “No Peace Corps group has ever done anything like it.”

I borrowed a copy of the book from Jon Keeton (Korea 1965-67; CD Korea 1973-76; Regional Director NANEAP 1984-89) who is President of Friends of Korea, and who first alerted me to this project.

The book was edited by Bill Harwood (Korea 1975-77) and is entitled: Through Our Eyes: Peace Corps In Korea, 1966-1981. Printed in Korea, it sells for $50, plus shipping.

The idea for the collection of photos and essays, I understand, began in October, 2008, at a reception hosted by our Korean Ambassador Kathleen Stephens (Korea 1975-77) for the RPCVs returning to visit Korea. Old photographs collected for that event showed how much Korea has changed over the years.  Bill Harwood pulled all those photos together with others, added commentary, and pushed the book through to publication in time for President Obama’s trip to Korea.

Seeing the book in Korea, a White House advance person liked the edition so much she told the Embassy to buy 300 copies (beyond the 200 ordered by Ambassador Stephens).

Soon, an exhibition of photographs from the book will travel through Korea, and included with the PCV photos will be photographs of Korea’s own KOICA/World Friends, which is Korea’s own “Peace Corps.”

Other RPCV groups might do similar books, now that Korea RPCVs have led the way.

For more information (and to buy the book) contact:


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  • Great idea and effort. John and Marian will change the name to PC Writers and Photographers. My daughter (Getty Images) in Sydneyt will consult. Bill

  • Through Our Eyes really captures the essence of Peace Corps

    Slowly turning the pages
    I can almost smell the mokkoli
    the sweaty socks of a half dozen guys
    in a tiny yogwan room
    the squid roasting on an outdoor brazier
    I can almost hear the cries
    “Migook saram! Migook saram!”
    the early morning rooster and
    the Sae Ma-ul Undong speaker

    Thanks Bill and all the others who put together this
    treasure trove.

    I Tal Su – K24

  • wow wish I’d known–I would love to see it. I was a K27 volunteer–1073-75. I have tons of pictures and artifacts. Once upon a time the Smithsonian wanted all Peace Corps correspondence–but I can’t find anything out about it now. I have been trying to get ahold of Jon Keeton–does anyone know how to contact him?

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