RPCV Offers Free Tour Of Morocco To Promote His Novel

RPCV Thomas Hollowell, who served briefly in Morocco, is one of 20 authors being featured at a small book store in Peoria called I Know You Like A Book this coming Saturday, October 10. According to the owner of the story, quoted in The Peoria Star, “With the Internet changing the way books are published and marketed, more people are taking advantage of opportunities to publish their own works.” She goes onto say, “It’s also getting harder for writers to get noticed.”

Well, it has always been harder for writers to get noticed even if their books are published by commercial or academic presses, or from a small regional press.

allahs-gardenTom Hollowell’s book Allah’s Garden was published by a small press in Illinois this summer and he put it this way in the newspaper article, “While self-publishing can be an opportunity, it also has its drawbacks. Traditional publishing routes are flawed in some ways, as are self-publishing ones. While regular publishing has not changed since the Great Depression, self-publishing has different rules and hurdles.” To help market the effort, Hollowell offers readers the chance to win a tour of Morocco when they purchase his book. “Because the press for the book is small, I had to come up with some innovative ideas for marketing.” And so he did. So, if you self publish (or not) think about offering a prize for your next book. It can’t hurt. Check out: http://www.allahs-garden.com


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