FOREVER TRAVELING HOME by Regina D. Landor (Macedonia, Romania)


Disheartened by staying with a man she loves but who doesn’t want children, the author makes a complete life-change and joins the Peace Corps.

Living in rural Macedonia with a host family she feels she’s known all her life, this is her ticket to heal – until an imminent civil war forces an evacuation of country’s Peace Corps Volunteers.

Determined to stay her course, the author relocates to Romania where she ends up meeting her future mate.

Now settled in the States, married and with children, her husband gets hired to move back overseas. The author braves the emotional and physical challenges of moving from her quiet, midwestern town back to Eastern Europe, this time with kids. Narrated with intimacy and humor, the author overcomes unexpected obstacles and decides that the risks of leaving, and the pangs of saying goodbye are unequivocally worth it in the end.

Forever Traveling Home
by Regina D. Landor (Macedonia, Romania)
Create Space Publisher
188 pages
August 2013
$9.99 (paperback)


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