FIVE AGAINST THE SEA by Ron Arias (Peru)


Ron Arias

Ron Arias

In 1988 Ron Arias (Peru 1963-65), Senior Writer for People Magazine, interviewed five Costa Rican fishermen as they were rescued by a Japanese fishing boat in the Pacific after five months lost at sea and wrote a cover story for People.  They had drifted closer to Japan than Costa Rica in Central America. This was a weekend fishing event for these friends, which turned into five months of near death on a day by day basis. Their small day boat, the Cairo, was notFive Against The Sea equipped for five months at sea, no water, and only the basic food for a weekend. But they had each other and believed their families would be waiting; they had to survive! The men collected rain water to drink, caught fish and birds for food. Ron’s cover story became a book about their ordeal, Five Against the Sea and was translated into Spanish as Cinco contra el Mar.

Costa Rica’s channel 7 gives us a view of the rescue and comments from People Magazine cover story. Channel 7 also provides footage of the rescue and follow up interviews of the fishermen years later.
My thanks to Bob Arias (Colombia 1964-66) for this update.


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