First Peace Corps Fund Writing Award Winners

First Peace Corps Fund Writing Award Winners

The Peace Corps Fund announces its first 2017 writing contest winners. Prizes range from First Prize of $1000, Second Prize $750. Third Prize $500 and numerous Honorable Mentions. Top prizes will be published on the Peace Corps Worldwide website and promoted throughout the Peace Corps community.

Eligible for these writing awards were Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and Former Peace Corps Staff. Submissions were judged on how well they advanced the Third Goal of the Peace Corps Act: To increase the understanding of the peoples served on the part of Americans

Founded in 2003, the Peace Corps Fund is an independent, 501-c-3 nonprofit organization founded by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers to support and advance the Third Goal of the Peace Corps.

Congratulations to everyone who submitted an essay or poem. The winners are!

First Prize–$1,000

Penye Nia, Pana Njia by Kristen Grauer-Gray (Tanzania 2007-10 & Response Corps Liberia 2016-17)

Second Prize–$750

Samarkand Calling by Beatrice Hogan (Uzbekistan 1992-94)

Third Prize–$500

Of That Wide Water, Inescapable by Eleanor Stanford (Cape Verde 1998-2000)

Fourth Prize–$250

The Journey from the Interior (poem) by Earl Carlton Huband (Oman 1975-78)

Fifth Prize –$ 200

Where Carbs Mean Friendship by Lucas Gosdin (Peru from 2013–15)

Fifth Prize—$200 The Stories We Tell  by Grace Anne Heater (Rwanda 2014-16)

Sixth Prize—$150

Honey for the Heart by Brian Minalga (Niger (2008-10) and Namibia (2010-12)

Sixth Prize—$150

A Nice Black Shirt by Nathan Hecht (Peru 2012-15)

Sixth Prize–$150

Hyena Man by Jeanne D’Haem (Somalia 1968-70)

Sixth Prize–$150

Discovering BhagawanSara Wagner (Nepal 1996-98)

Seventh Prize–$100

Taxi by Sue Rosenfeld (Senegal 1977-81)

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