Fiction by RPCVs Published in 2014

Following is a list of the 2014 novels and short story collections written by RPCVs. Nominate books from this list for the Maria Thomas Fiction Award. (If your novel or collection ((not Peace Corps memoir)) is not listed, and it was published in 2014, please email me at:

Nominate your favorite book by emailing:

THE MARIA THOMAS FICTION AWARD is named after the novelist Maria Thomas [Roberta Worrick (Ethiopia 1971-73)] who was the author of a well-reviewed novel – Antonia Saw the Oryx First,  and two collections of short stories, Come to Africa and Save Your Marriage: And Other Stories and African Visas: A Novella and Stories, all set in Africa. Roberta lost her life in August, 1989, while working in Ethiopia for a relief agency. She went down in the plane crash that also  killed her husband, Thomas Worrick (Ethiopia 1971-73), and Congressman Mickey Leland of Texas.

The Maria Thomas Fiction Award

One Degree South
by Stephen L. Snook (Gabon 1980-81 & 1983-85)
Rocket Science Press
December 2014

Lily of Peru
by David C. Edmonds (Peru 1963-65)
Peace Corps Writers
December 2014

The Road to Tamazunchale
by Ron Arias (Peru 1963-65)
Bilingual Press

Mountain Rose
by Robert F. Nicholas (Philippines 1968-70) and Timothy Farnum
Januray 2014

Cannons for the Cause: A Novel of the American Revolution
by Martin R. Ganzglass (Somalia 1966-68)
Peace Corps Writers
March 2014

The Dandy Vigilante
by Kevin Daley (Samoa 1986-89)
Anaphora Literary Press
March 2014

Lauren Greasewater’s War: A Grand Canyon Novel
by Stephen Hirst (Liberia 1962-64)
Muuso Press
April 2014

When the Whistling Stopped
by David J. Mather (Chile 1968-70)
Peace Corps Writers
June 2014

Kilometer 99
by Tyler McMahon (El Salvador 1999-02)
St. Martin’s Griffin
June 2014

I Loved You More
by Tom Spanbauer (Kenya 1969-71)
Hawthorne Books
April 2014

The Splintered Paddle
by Mark Troy (Thailand 1972-75)
Five Star
June 2014

Africa’s Release: The Journey Continues
by Mark Wentling (PCV Honduras 1967-69, 1970-73; PC Staff Togo, Gabon & Niger 1973-77)
A Peace Corps Writers Book
May 2014

Bridges: An Extraordinary Journey of the Heart
by W. S. [Wendy Sue] Williamson (Cameroon 1994-96, Ecuador 1996-98)
Agapy Press
April 2014

Show Me the Deadly Deer
By Carolyn Mulford (Ethiopia 1962-64)
Five Star
January 2014

The Honoured Guest: Anne Alger Craven, Witness to Sumter, in Her Words
by Mary-Ann Tirone Smith (Cameroon 1965-1967)
Amazon Digital
August 2014

Under Chad’s Spell
by Michael Varga  (Chad 1977-79)
August 2014

Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction from a Small Planet
edited by Glifford Garstang (Korea 1976-77)
contributors include: Jeff Fearnside (Kazakhstan 2002-04) and
Susi Wyss (Central African Republic 1990-92)
Press 53
September 2014

A Reason to Kill
by Carole Sojka (Somalia 1962-64)
September 2014

Devil’s Breath
by Robert Thurston (Venezuela 1968-70, Staff: Belize 1972-75, Honduras 1975-77)
September 2014

Death in the Dolomites
by David P. Wagner (Chile 1965-67)
Poisoned Pen Press
September 2014

Rush of Shadows
by Catherine Bell (Brazil 1966-68)
Washington Writers Publishing House
October 2014)

Love & Ordinary Creatures
by Gwyn Hyman Rubio (Costa Rica 1971-73)
Ashland Creek Press
October 2014

Mr. Bones: Twenty Stories
by Paul Theroux (Malawi 1963-65)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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