Feds warn Navarro to stop making “Numerous False Statements” about his arrest

From Daily Beast
Thanks for the ‘heads up’ from Marnie Mueller  (Ecuador 1963-65)

Peter Navarro (Thailand 1973-75)

Trump loyalist Peter Navarro has made “numerous false statements” about his arrest, federal prosecutors wrote in a new court filing Thursday urging a judge to reject Navarro’s request for more time until his next court hearing. Navarro was arrested last week for refusing to comply with a subpoena issued by the House committee investigating the Capitol riot.

He was not denied food, water or a call to a lawyer, prosecutors said in the new filing shared by Politico. In fact, “At the time of his arrest, the Defendant first requested to call the press, which was denied,” it says. The feds say Navarro’s arresting officers — who Navarro called “kind Nazis”— told him he could call an attorney, but he instead said he needed to go on live TV that night and had to call to say he wouldn’t be there. Navarro also initially said he would represent himself but is now asking for additional time to find a lawyer, which prosecutors argued was a “contrived effort” to delay the case so his civil suit against the DOJ could move forward.

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