Fallout: Near-future Science Fiction Romance
by Jon Kohl (Costa Rica 1993-95) & Kimberly K Comeau
Independently published
199 pages
April 2024
$2.99 (Kindle)


In Fallout American cities have been suffering increased domestic terrorism. Harry Longmeadow tries to ensure his own personal security from rising urban terrorism by fleeing Philadelphia and building a subterranean fallout shelter in the forests of north central Pennsylvania; but it’s his own insecurity, which he cannot flee, that nearly lands him in jail for homicide that he did not commit.


Jon Kohl is the founding executive director of the PUP Global Heritage Consortium whose mission is to support communities in their management and conservation of natural-cultural heritage from a holistic focus. This non-profit global network uses Jon’s book, co-written with Dr. Stephen McCool as its philosophical background.

Jon Kohl (Costa Rica 1993-95)

Jon Kohl has been writing his whole life, starting in fifth grade when he scored the highest on a diagnostic creative writing test in his home town, Foxborough, Massachusetts. In high school he founded the literary magazine and edited the high school newspaper.

At Dartmouth College he interned at the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, Oceanus Magazine, Greenpeace Magazine, served on the literary magazine, wrote for the humor magazine (founded by Theodor Geisel who would later become Dr. Suess), and created Sense of Place, the first formatted magazine to be distributed across a digital network in the history of the internet.

Since that time, as a freelance writer, he has published four non-fiction books* and over 270 academic, trade, and popular articles on topics related to heritage conservation, protected areas management, holistic thinking, Integral Theory, tourism management, and heritage interpretation, among others. One of his principal interests is using a holistic or Integral perspective to think outside the box for heritage management. See his top publications at his ResearchGate profile (jon_kohl).


Jon was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica where he currently resides with his family and holds dual citizenship. He earned his Masters of Environmental Management from the Yale University School of the Environment and a double major in Ecology and Political Science from Dartmouth College. He occasionally gives courses at the University of Costa Rica and leads foreign study courses for university students principally from the United States in collaboration with several American universities.


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