Face to Face With the Global Economy by Leo Cecchini (Ethiopia)

book coverFace to Face with the Global Economy
Leo Cecchini (Ethiopia 1962–64)
September 2019
137 pages
$5.00 (Kindle)



Leo writes: My book, Face To Face With The Global Economy, is published.  You can buy it at Amazon for $5. Only in ebook form for now.

I take the reader on an insider’s tour of the global economy through a collection of personal experiences, tales if you will, often whimsical, covering the various facets of the subject.  Reading it will give one a better understanding of this phenomenon that touches every soul on the planet.

The global economy, a phrase that conjures up an image of a one world, albeit in economic terms. We all are intrigued by this structure that touches every person on the planet. What is it and how does it work? This collection of my personal experiences, tales if you will, offers a direct insight into what is the global economy and how it operates. Each tale presents an entertaining, often whimsical, description of the different aspects of the global economy. By reading these one gains a better understanding of the global economy.

The book is not a defense nor attack on the global economy but rather a direct look at the bits and pieces that make up this phenomenon. One learns that the global economy is not a directed structure but rather the product of millions of decisions, innovations, agreements, and interactions that combine to create the whole. National economies fill defined spaces, the global economy fills the spaces between these.

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