Ex-PCV Tried To Assist Woman Who Was Killed At Capitol–And Also Participated in Mob Action

The man in a widely circulated news video from Wednesday’s ambush on the United States Capitol is Thomas Baranyi, a 28-year-old from New Jersey who served in the Peace Corps as recently as last year. In the video interview with a reporter from WKRG, a CBS affiliate, Baranyi holds up…

The video has been taken down!



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  • Thomas Baranyi, as the beneficiary of all the privileges by simply being born a white American male, you wrong when you hold up your hand and says this can be you. I am a white American male and served in the Peace Corps and know what extraordinary good fortune I have and I would never take part in storming our Capitol or associating with insurrectionist. So no that could nonobe me. Never.

    Thomas, you want to change the system the world? Become informed of the needs and desires of the people residing in your community, If their issues align with your core beliefs, learn which party stands for the majority of those issues and work within that party to gain a leadership position and stand for election. Go door to door listen to your neighbors and let them know what you will do for them if they honor you with their vote. You need to stand for something, know the facts and be specific. Don’t just accept what others tell you, not even me, you must know what the facts are. do your own research. Did I say find the facts?od If you don’t act on the facts, the peoples needs and desires, you become an ill informed lazy would be demigod. You wouldn’t want to be that because that is what you claim to be against.

    It is hard work to build. It requires sustained effort over time. Anybody exhibiting a post-adolescent adjustment disorder acting out against authority figures can demonstrate against a democratically elected government and try to tear down what others have labored to build and claim they are unjustly treated without citing facts.

    Thomas, use this as a learning experience. You have many years ahead of you – more than enough time to work within the system to change it and change the world. go at it – you can do it.

  • I was a Peace Corps member for 3 years in Armenia. It was one of the most amazing periods of time in my life.If people who did the horrible action Wednesday, instead went to a Peace Corps assignment, and worked hard for 2 years, I think they would not return to our wonderful country and get involved in horrer like we saw in DC.

  • Never would have imagined that anyone associated with the Peace Corps would be involved in storming the Capitol. In the interview he does not seem to understand that being there was WRONG. I saw the video of the shooting. Anyone even remotely close to her is guilty of violence and terror. He should be arrested and charged.

    • I saw it as well and there was ample warning not to try and enter and she went ahead anyway. Police with guns drawn and pointed all around. What fool defies that order, especially ex military? She thought they wouldn’t use them? SMDH

      • Why were the armed police behind her instead of in front of her trying to keep all the people out front that door? They were all just standing there telling people to move. Not one police got down to see about her try to stop the bleeding at least for 3 minutes.
        The guy in the blue didn’t help a bit but says in interviews he tried to assist her. No one was yelling call 911 the guy in the blue bent down and got up yelling cross fire cross fire. She didn’t have a gun.
        There were people walking around in the hall inside the door if they felt threatened why were they even in the hall. There was a wall of chairs put in front of that door. Even if she got in she would have falling because a pile of chairs. If she was a threat why didnt the police behind her shoot her?
        This is total BS it was a set up.
        The guy in the blue needs to be questioned. He wasn’t behind her like he sad he was beside her.
        He didn’t have blood on him until he bent down and touched her or something? If he wasn’t going to help her why did he bend down beside her? He got up and got his phone out why? He should have taken his jacket or something to help stop the bleeding.
        Why didn’t anybody immediately try to stop the bleeding. They just let her lay there.
        I agree she shouldn’t have tried to get in but she should have been arrested by one of ALL those police.
        Just disgusting 🤮

  • Seeing the video of the moment the woman was shot actually shows Thomas Baranyi recording her with his phone rather than trying to “assist” her. He gave his first and last name and where he lived and then proceeded to describe his crime in detail. He should be arrested.

  • Your title is misleading. Mr. Bayani, right after Ms. Bobbitt was shot, picked up his phone and snapped a picture of a dying woman.

  • John Coyne is correct, the Peace Corps has over the years included a wide range of the American people and the political spectrum, and I know a number of them who are strong believers in the Trump agenda of a) Lower taxes;2) conservative judges; 3) stop the flood of immigration etc. In fact, President Trump’s trade representative and vocal public supporter, Peter Navarro, served in the PC ( I believe in Thailand).
    That said, for an RPCV to partake in the violent takeover of the US Capitol, is beyond belief. A sad day indeed .

  • Just because the word “peace” is part of a title bestowed by an organization does not mean all people in the group work for peace. The proposition of this idea is highly illogical. If someone is accepted into a group that has a noble agenda, the person is not to then be considered noble as well. Each person in a designated group typically has more differences than those deemed outside of said group.

    Peter Navarro is an excellent example of a vocal supporter of anti-democratic rants that are meant to encourage violence. He is a clear representation of hate, rather than peace. He worked in the Corps. Nothing more.

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