Everyone Needs An Editor

So, you have just finished your book…a memoir of the Peace Corps, a novel, a YA romance…whatever!

Before you self-publish your book, get an editor. Get a line editor, a copy editor, a proof reader….. Writing the book is step #1. Now you have to prepare your book for publication.

If you don’t have top-rate editors in your town, here are two professionals editors I can suggest you might hire.

One is a seasoned copy editor who works free-lance for publishing houses. The second person is a nonfiction writer and editor who also does editing on the side.

If you decide to contact either of these individuals, do it in this order, as you should hire them both!


Lisa Skelton

Her email is: lbskelton@optonline.net

I’ve worked with Lisa. She is charming and nice and very, very good. Tell I suggested you contact her.

You can email her your material once you have agreed to terms.



His email is: t.m.hawleyo1@gmail.com

A published non-fiction writer, Tim works from pages….not  on a computer.

Again, you can say I suggested that you contact him. I would send your book to Tim only when you ‘think’ it is ready to be published.

Tim, will find the holes in the manuscript, find sections that need to be cut (or enhanced) and tighten your prose.

Clarify up front with both editors their fees, as the fee changes, I believe, with individual projects, the time required, and the shape of the book when they receive it.

Meanwhile, keep writing!

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