Ethiopia Coffee Table Book–Kickstarter Project to Support

Elias Wondimu is the Publisher & Editorial Director of Tsehai Publishers that is located independently within Loyola Marymount University in Southern California. This is a wonderful publishing company and he is launching an Ethiopia Coffee Table Book. It is a project you might want to support. Elias writes:

The book is an attempt to change global perception of Ethiopia by focusing on the many accomplishments of successful younger Ethiopians living throughout North America and Ethiopia today. These individuals are the sons and daughters, and younger siblings of those who lived through the 1970s Ethiopian political turmoil. By focusing on these individuals, we want to tell their parents’ story of resilience and share with the world the proud heritage that they commonly inherit as Ethiopians.

This book presents the life stories of dynamic achievers from all walks of life. Some are scholars, scientists, artists, chefs, singers, models, and executives. Few you’ll recognize and some you may even know, but I guarantee you that all of them are people you’ll want to meet.

It took us four years to narrow down the list and to get to this stage. I know that many long hours of work await us ahead; however, with your pledge and active participation, we will publish this book for the world to read. I hope you will help us reach as many people as your network will allow.

Check out this video ( to get a sense of what we strive to achieve by publishing this coffee table book.

If you support the efforts to bridging the gap in Ethiopia’s historical context by filling in the void, shedding light on the struggles and successes of Ethiopian immigrants, and by fostering the development of a self-aware, cultured generation that is firmly pivoted in proud history, then I urge you to pledge to support “Flowers of Today, Seeds of Tomorrow”.

Together, we will tell this important, yet untold story to the world, and at the same time, inspire a new generation of achievers that will serve humanity.


Elias Wondimu

Elias Wondimu


Elias Wondimu
Publisher & Editorial Director

Tsehai Publishers
Loyola Marymount University
One LMU Drive, UH 3012
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Cell: 323.533.7626 | Office: 310.258.5460

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