Bob Vila (Panama) on ONE TRUE PODCAST talks about Ernest Hemingway’s home in Cuba



The first installment of One True Podcast, produced by The Hemingway Society, features Bob Vila (Panama 1969-70) talking about his involvement in “saving” Ernest Hemingway’s home in Cuba.

Having been to Cuba on a tour with the NPCA several years ago, it was a great chance for me to remember my visit, going with NPCA director Glenn Blumhorst. (If the NPCA ever gets a chance to return to Cuba, go!)

Meanwhile, listen to this 50 minutes of Bob talking about his connection to Cuba, where his parents and relatives all were from, and how he was involved with the project where Ernie lived most of his life after leaving Paris.

It is at:

This episode was recorded on 5/27/2020.

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  • Castro was smart enough to keep many of hemingway’s books at the finca and preserve it for tourism. mary hemingway tried desperately to get them to key west but failed when castro’s militia was deployed.

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