Eric Madeen (Gabon) publishes TOKYO-ING!


Tokyo-ing! is an apt title for this trio of tales that chime with anyone even slightly interested in Asia’s most dynamic metropolis and its glazing of layers – be they cultural, sexual … or taking-wing exuberant.

“About Face” — An American professor is trophy hunted by a wily student who then boasts of her conquest, sparking a full-blown scandal. Brought to heel in tradition, he fights for his dignity.
“Sobering Love” — A Japanese career woman is obligated to join after-work drinking sessions with her colleagues, leading to alcohol addiction and deteriorating health. There seems to be no way out, until she meets Frank, a high-octane executive …
“Fire Horse” — A disillusioned expat musters the courage to break out of an unhappy marriage, then searches for love on Tokyo’s electrifying singles circuit. Can he beat the odds and find a soulmate born under the right star?

Eric Madeen

Eric Madeen (Gabon 1981-83) is a senior associate professor of American Literature at Tokyo City University and Adjunct Professor at Keio University. His work has appeared in Time, Asia Week, The East, Daily Yomiuri, Tokyo Journal, Kyoto Journal, Mississippi Review, ANA’s Wingspan, Peace Corps Worldwide, Japanophile, Metropolis, and numerous academic journals. Tokyo-ing! is his sixth book.

Tokyo–ing! Three Novellas
by Eric Madeen (Gabon 1981-83)
Absolute Author Publishing House
99 pages
May 2022
$8.99 (Paperback), $2.99 (Kindle)




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  • Unstated themes and underlying longings I suspect are belonging and self-compassion. As we age, but at any age.
    You are prolific a penman.

    • And you are so kind to say so, Edward! It feels great to have a comment here. Have my main social media marketer working on promoting it now but it’s a tough racket, writing … In a year and a half I’ll retire from teaching then will be able to write without interruptions … which will be pure bliss. Eric

  • Writing’s not PURE bliss — more probably pleasure buckled-in with discovery and completion — and can be unexpected. Ed

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