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ERPCVs! — USAID opportunities

US Agency for International Development (USAID) Human Capital and Talent Management (HCTM) has released a batch announcement for positions specifically for RPCVs to use their non-competitive eligibility. Please share far and wide among your networks!

Exclusive Advertisement for Peace Corps Eligibles

Great opportunities for those evacuated Volunteers to consider.

International Cooperation Specialist (GS-0136-13)

As an International Cooperation Specialist, you are the key communication link and liaison between the headquarters Bureaus and the Mission(s) in areas such as strategic planning and budget preparation, and program reviews. You will represent your selected Bureau’s interests to senior-level and other host-government officials, as well as representatives of local private sector and non-government organization (NGO) entities.

Democracy Specialist (GS-0301-13)

As a Democracy Specialist, you will serve as a technical expert on democracy, human rights, and governance (DRG); provide technical DRG advice and support to Missions overseas; formulate policy and programming guidance for strategic planning; advise Bureau leadership and Missions on DRG strategy, trends, and designs; and, manage regional and/or cross-border programs from Washington.

Administrative Officer (GS-0341-09/11/12/13)

As an Administrative officer, you will be responsible for providing guidance and assistance to Bureau staff in Washington and in the field on a wide-range of administrative services, to include space management, procurement of supplies and equipment, human resources, performance management, and security.

Management and Program Analyst (GS-0343-09/11/12/13)

As a Management and Program Analyst, your duties may vary depending on the bureau or independent office that selects you and the type of position they would like to offer.  In our regional bureaus, Management and Program Analysts serve as junior Desk Officers learning more about the different social, cultural, and economic influences that impact the overall objectives and strategies designed for a nation.  While in our functional bureaus and independent offices, Management and Analysts serve as more business analysts/consultants and study different business processes to find ways to make them more efficient.

Budget Analyst (GS-0560-09/11/12/13)

As a Budget Analyst, you will analyze budget requests and recommendations from USAID and Department of State missions and bureaus, develop options and recommendations for program budget requests and program budget allocations for the USAID Administrator, and report on and analyse program budget execution.

Health Science Specialist (GS-0601-13)

As a Health Science Specialist, you will provide technical expertise on health science programs for the Agency.  You will advise field Missions, country or regional programs, and cooperating agencies in the application of health science strategic information and data use strategies; generate policy recommendations, interventions, and Agency mechanisms, which will support effective programming, data collection and use for decision-making and program improvement; and participate as a presenter in national and international seminars and symposia relating to fields of expertise in health programs and management.

Public Health Advisor (GS-0685-13)

As a Public Health Advisor, you will be responsible for providing technical assistance, disseminating information, managing regional projects/activities, and performing research on selected health development issues. You will provide technical advice on country health issues; assist USAID Missions with the design and implementation of health programs, health strategies, and health program evaluations; and monitor country progress in meeting stated health program objectives, and Bureau, Agency, and Department of State health policy papers.

Contract Specialist (GS-1102-09/11/12/13)

As a Contract Specialist, you will serve as a senior procurement analyst at USAID. At the full performance level of this position, you will analyze procurement and assistance legislation, regulations and precedent, and formulate and develop Agency policies, procedures and regulations governing USAID’s worldwide procurement and assistance functions.

Information Technology (IT) Specialist (GS-2210-09/11/12/13)

As an IT Specialist, you will perform or provide contractor oversight for the full range of IT system security, including, but not limited to: assessment of the effectiveness of the IT security system
and/or the security of privacy information within IT systems; evaluation and investigation of IT security incidents; employee awareness training; and policy assessment and implementation.

To Hire Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

The Peace Corps recently recalled over 7,000 Peace Corps volunteers from overseas because of the coronavirus concerns, leaving them unemployed. Depending on their employment status, they may not be eligible for unemployment benefits. USDA is encouraging hiring managers to consider filling vacancies with Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV) using a non-competitive hiring authority. Peace Corps volunteers often have qualifications and attributes to include post-secondary education, real-world experience in challenging situations, and a strong service orientation, that hiring managers may find desirable. Qualifying RPCVs were recently granted non-competitive eligibility, which offers a streamlined hiring process that hiring managers can use to quickly hire talented candidates into vacant positions.

Upon request, we are posting individual vacancies in the RPCV Career Link portal, which is exclusive to these returned volunteers and employees of Peace Corps. The national recruitment team is also collecting input from volunteers who are generally interested in Forest Service careers. USDA will be organizing a weeklong virtual hiring fair during the week of April 27, where managers will be able to virtually interview candidates. Positions need to be posted in advance of the career fair to allow time for managers to receive applications and review qualifications.

What You Need to Do

If you are interested in filling a vacancy with a RPCV, please email Doug Crosbie by Friday, April 17.

Hire a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV)

USDA Hiring Managers! We have an unprecedented opportunity to quickly hire some of the more than 7,000 RPCVs who were recalled to the United States due to COVID-19 concerns abroad.

Who they are:

• RPCVs are often highly-skilled and adaptable individuals who successfully completed service in the Peace Corps.

• 98% have at least a Bachelor’s degree

• 59% have a Master’s or other advanced degree

• They have a wide range of areas of expertise, including:

o Environment and Agriculture

o Community Development

o Business and IT

o Project Management

o Education

o And many others

• RPCVs worldwide were recently recalled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, leaving them unemployed and ineligible for unemployment.

RPCVs Offer Streamlined, Quick, and Easy Hiring:

• Use Non-competitive Eligibility (NCE) to fill individual or multiple vacancies.

Bypass USAJobs and many other steps in the standard hiring process.

Next Steps:

• Contact your Agency HR representative ASAP. These RPCVs are being recruited government-wide and the best will go fast!

• Work with your HR specialist* to post available positions on www.peacecorps.gov/submitjob. This can include positions recently opened with valid certificates.

• USDA will be organizing a weeklong Virtual Hiring Fair during the week of April 27th where you will be able to virtually interview candidates. Positions need to be posted in advance of the career fair to allow time to receive applications and review qualifications.

USDA Agency Contacts for Peace Corps Hiring Initiative/April Virtual Career Fair

Rural Development (RD): Whinlesha.Jeter@usda.gov, Tanya.Robles@usda.gov

Farm Production and Conservation (FPAC): Demitrice.Boozer@usda.gov

Forest Service (NRE/FS): Douglas.Crosbie@usda.gov

Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS): Christine.Nalli@usda.gov

Marketing and Regulatory Programs (MRP): Terry.M.Zietlow@usda.gov

Research, Education, and Economics (REE): Mary.Weber2@usda.gov

Foreign Agricultural Service (TFAA/FAS): Felecia.Newman@usda.gov

Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services (FNCS): Joanie.Dilone@usda.gov

Office of Chief Financial Officer (OCFO): Shandon.Davis@usda.gov

DA/USDA Staff Offices: Nicole.White@usda.gov

General Questions about the Initiative: Abbey.L.Fretz@usda.gov


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