Dr. Robert B. Textor, Early Consultant to the Peace Corps, Dies in Portland, Oregon

Dr. Robert B. Textor, the author of the original, 1961  “In, Up and Out” memo that became the foundation for the so-called “Five Year Rule,” died Thursday, January 3, 2013.

Dr. Textor made significant contributions to the development of the Peace Corps in the early days. In 1966, he edited Cultural Frontiers of the Peace Corps, published by M.I.T. Press. Early in his academic career, he was an Associate Professor of Education and Anthropology at Stanford, served as a consultant to the agency, and lectured on cultural adjustment to Volunteers in twenty-two training programs. For the last 15 years–among many other activities– he organized gatherings of the Thirster an informal worldwide community that met in Portland, Oregon, to discuss issues of peace, freedom, creativity, development, ethics, fairness, sustainability and respect for cultural differences. It was a salon of sorts that came together for camaraderie, pitcher beer and to discuss issues of common interest.

Photo by Don Messerschmidt

Photo by Don Messerschmidt

We will post more about Dr. Textor’s contribution to the Peace Corps in the weeks ahead.

At the moment, we are all saddened by the news of his passing.


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  • Dr. Textor cared so much for the RPCV community, too. His whole intent with the “In, Up, and Out” memo was to create a Peace Corps system where there would always be agency positions opening up so that RPCVs, newly arriving from their field service, could be employed and bring their experience to the Peace Corps agency.

    In fifty years, he never faltered in his belief that the “transcultural
    experience of the Peace Corps Volunteer” was an essential qualification for being employed within the unique Peace Corps agency.

    In was so generous with his time and his work. He will be so missed.

  • Thirsters the world over mourn. I hope that those who knew him will continue to support each other in achieving his ideals. We can continue ~

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