Dr. Kerry and Director Hessler-Radalet Interview on NPR -January 14, 2013


Dir. Hessler-Radalet

Dir. Hessler-Radalet

NPR’s Michel Martin interviewed Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet and Dr. Vanessa Kerry, Executive Director of Global Health Services Corps, January 14, 2013.  Read the transcript of the interview “New Ground for Peace Corps.”

Dr. Kerry

Dr. Kerry

In the interview, Director Hessler-Radelet explains that Peace Corps doctors and nurses have served in the Peace Corps since its very beginning. The majority of these serving medical professionals were in community health programs. The partnership with Global Health Services Corps will emphasize  building health system strengthening  and will begin with medical education.

This new partnership with Global Health Services was discussed on Peace Corps World Wide when it began. Here are links to other sources that provide additional information about the partnership.

This is the link to a pdf of the original Peace Corps contract with Global Health Services.

The following interview, “A Peace Corps For Doctors, Built By A Senator’s Daughter,” is the first one on NPR in which Dr. Kerry discusses the partnership with Peace Corps.


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