Don Messerschmidt (Nepal 1963-65) With Nepal Relief Contact

Don Messerschmidt (Nepal 1963-65) is in touch with the Gorkha Foundation that is working to get relief supplies and services to communities at the Nepal Earthuake epicenter. Here is a link to that site:untitled1

April 28 2015


Many villagers in Nepal are under siege, struggling to survive from the earthquake and aftershocks that have struck the Himalayas. Most of the media and relief attention, so far, has been centered on Kathmandu Valley and Mt Everest… But it is now very clear that remote mountain communities at the epicenter – the Gorkha region, including both Gorkha and Lamjung Districts – have equally if not more serious issues. Whole villages have been devastated and recent and ongoing rains have triggered destructive landslides and threaten of more danger to health and habitation.

The Director of a Nepalese NGO (non-governmental organization), The Gorkha Foundation (of which I am an advisory board member), is working to address the issues. Today (April 28), for example, in close collaboration with Doctors without Borders/Red Cross, medical relief to isolated villages like Barpak, a large village on a steep mountainside in north-central Gorkha, is being sent by helicopter. Barpak was virtually flattened by the quake and aftershocks. And, farther north, villagers living in the Tsum valley and vicinity are in dire need of help. Reports coming out of Tsum tell us that their homes, food sources and supplies have been destroyed by the quake. The Foundation is busy trying to coordinate more relief to reach these isolated communities, which are only accessible, now, by helicopter.

Here is a message from the Director of The Gorkha Foundation:


You might already be aware of the devastating earthquake that hit Gorkha, Nepal. Gorkha District was the epicenter, and reports are coming in that communities and infrastructure to the north of Gorkha bazaar are up to 90% demolished.

So far, around 4,000 people have been confirmed dead country-wide. We do not yet know how many have died or are in dire need of medical help in and around the epicenter, but it is clear that the casualty list will go up. We do know that the injured in and around Gorkha region are in desperate need of medical attention and related assistance.

We at The Gorkha Foundation are in touch with Doctors without Borders/Red Cross and they will be on the ground in Gorkha District tomorrow (Tuesday, April 28) with a relief helicopter.

We are also trying to coordinate with the Nepal Army so that some of their relief efforts are focused close to the victims.  Countless have lost their homes and are literally out in the cold and the rain in need of food, shelter, warm clothes and medical assistance.

The Gorkha Foundation is working with several volunteer groups and international organizations, doing our best, jointly to address the devastation that the earthquake has left behind.

Please click on the “Donate Now “on the Gorkha Foundation home page (middle of the page on the right):

And note that one hundred percent (100%) of all contributions we receive will go towards helping victims (zero overhead). Your help is greatly appreciated.


Bijaya Devkota, Director

The Gorkha Foundation

USA contact phone: 703-864-3622

P.S. Beware of false advertising by fake contribution websites that look genuine. Scammers will pose as charities to try to divert your donations from reaching those who truly need them.

Be sure to check us out the Gorkha Foundation website and on Facebook at

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