Do you want to earn your MFA ONLINE?

I am currently talking to several colleges and universities about developing an online Creative Writing MFA for Peace Corps PCVs and RPCV Writers.

This degree could be obtainable within a year of your service–or while you are still overseas–you would have a MFA degree, and, I hope, a book, either a memoir or a novel before you finish your tour.  The time frame would be one or two years depending on your schedule.

Are you interested?

I am working with several non-profit accredited colleges that have MFA online programs so that you could obtain the degree while you are a PCV, or after your tour, wherever you are living in the world….if you have a computer handy.

I would teach one of the writing courses, and other RPCV faculty would be involved, including several book editors I know. It would be friendly, ‘hands on,’ and approachable courses that focus on your writing as you’ll obtain you masters, all by Skype, emails, and online. The length of the program (depending on you) would be one or two years. Financial Aid (I think)  is available. (I am working on arranging that.) I am guessing your degree would cost about 12k. When you finish, you could go onto teach at any college or university in the world, given this masters degree, become a foreign correspondent, we have a few, i.e. Peter Hessler, Rob Schmidt, etc. Or a magazine writer, Maureen Orth, Ron Arias, George Packer, etc. Or teach yourself, and we have many writer/professors: Richard Wiley, Kathleen Coskran, Ann Neelon, Tony D’Souza.

Please let me know if you are interested. If enough people are, I will proceed.

Many thanks,

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