December 2011 Books by Peace Corps Writers

eritrea-remembered-120Eritrea Remembered: Recollections & Photos by Peace Corps Volunteers
edited by Marian Haley Beil (Ethiopia 1962–64)
Peace Corps Writers
184 pages
$10.00 (paperback), $2.99 (Kindle)
December 2011

fish-rice-chronicles-120The Fish & Rice Chronicles: My Extraordinary Adventures in Palau and Micronesia
by PG Bryan (Micronesia 1967–70)
334 pages
$19.99 (paperback), $29.99 (hard cover), $7.69 (Kindle)
August 2011

reports-my-death-120Report of My Death: Beyond-the-Grave Confessions of North American Writers
by Girard R. Christmas ( Thailand 1973–76; Western Samoa 1976–78)
Lulu Publisher
660 pages
$49.95 (hard cover);$34.95 (paperback);$13.99 (Kindle)
2007, Revised 2010

hope-cut-120Hope Is Cut: Youth, Unemployment, and the Future in Urban Ethiopia
by Daniel Mains (Ethiopia 1998–99)
Temple University Press
208 pages
$69.50 (hard cover)
November 2011

one-for-road-140One For The Road
by David J. Mather (Chile 1968-70)
Peace Corps Writers
400 pages
September 2011
$14.95 (paperback)

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