December RPCV Books

sophisticated-savage-120The Sophisticated Savage
(Anthropological memoir)
by Carla Seidl (Azerbaijan 2006–08)
Inner Hearth Books
230 pages
May 2009

whispering-campaign-120Whispering Campaign
Stories from Mesoamerica
by Lawrence F. Lihosit (Honduras 1975–77)
iUniverse, Inc.
120 pages
November, 2009

Valley Views II
Four Plays
by Charles G. Blewitt (Grenada 1969–71)
Offset Paperback
March 2009

the-boys-120The Boys
1st North Dakota Volunteers in the Philippines

John Durand (Philippines 1962–64)
Puzzlebox Press
422 pages

mosquito-conversations-120Mosquito Conversations
More Stories from the Upper Peninsula

by Lauri Anderson (Nigeria 1965-67)
North Star Press
139 pages
July 2009

inherit-the-family-120Inherit The Family
Marrying into Eastern Europe

Stories by Vello Vikerkaar (Estonia 1992-94)
Book Man
168 pages
October 2009

islands-of-shadow-120Islands of Shadow, Islands of Light
(Peace Corps Novel)
By Yaron Glazer (Panama 1997-99)
300 pages
July 2009

henry-and-anthony-120Henry and Anthony
(Young adult)
by H. Lynn Beck (El Salvador, Brazil)
262 pages
May 2009

thirteen-months-120Thirteen Months of Sunshine
Peace Corps Adventures in Ethiopia 1962–1964

by Patricia Summers-Parish (Ethiopia 1962–64)
199 pages
December 2009

best-travel-writing-2009-120The Best Travel Writing 2009
True Stories from Around the World

Carol Beddo (Ethiopia 1964-66), contributor of “Choices Rejected”
Travelers’ Tales,
376 pages
March 2009

An Economic Hit Man Reveals Why the World Financial Markets Imploded — and What We Need to Do to Remake Them

by John Perkins (Ecuador 1968-71)
Broadway Business, $23.99
256 pages
November 2009

Thoreau’s Legacy
American Stories about Global Warming

(an online anthology)
Bronwyn Mitchell (Botswana 1994-96) contributor of “I Was Born on Shaky Ground”
Union of Concerned Scientists
June 2009

The Mission Priority
by Bryant Wieneke (Niger 1974-76)
Peace Rose Publishing
235 pages

Priority One
by Bryant Wieneke (Niger 1974-76)
Peace Rose Publishing
213 pages

Santa Barbara Priority
by Bryant Wieneke (Niger 1974-76)
Peace Rose Publishing
234 pages

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