Danny Langdon (Ethiopia) — THE GOOD HUSBAND


While becoming a husband often begins with an overflow of loving feelings and the anticipation of a fabulous future, actually living with your soul mate, best friend, or spouse brings many challenges! Sure, you might have gotten some inkling from your dad — if he was any good at husbanding himself. But, for the most part, you are on your own to figure out how to be one. So, how can a novice become a good husband?

Based on numerous interviews with exemplary husbands and their partners, plus the author’s own practical experience through trial and error, the book is filled with good practices that you can replicate.

The 50 practices are presented as a first-hand account of the author and his marvelous relationship with his wife, Kathleen. Mixed with humor, each practice is illustrated with real-life examples. Each shows a way to foster being “in sync” with one’s partner. All offer a way to discuss and learn together new insights that make your relationship the way you both want it to be.

Most of the 50 practices can be implemented immediately. Others will take time, concerted effort, and cooperation with your partner. This book provides a path to doing so. It is useful not only for traditional unions but is applicable to any relationship regardless of role gender.

The Good Husband: 50 Practices That Will Make You Nearly Perfect
Danny Langdon (Ethiopia 1962–64)
Performance International
December 2020
262 pages
$15.00 (paperback), $9.99 (Kindle)


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  • Danny, Where did you live in Ethiopia and what was your assignment? Were any of the 50 practices observed from that culture?

  • Lived in Harar. Life is a very long process and it’s hard to know when and where I learned a specific practice. There are a couple, however, that I can say I learned from my wife in the past few years.

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