Coyne Signs Off

I’m closing down with this email my steady diet of blog posts, but you’re not rid of Peace Corps WorldWide. The website will stay ‘live’ with Marian Beil. She will announce new books from Peace Corps Writers and other news. The other good news to share is that American University will take all the items we posted and preserve them on their Peace Corps History site. You can reach the collection here at any time.*/

Meanwhile, you can search for new articles and book reviews by the RPCV community on this site. In August I will announce the winners of our Writers Awards for books published in 2020. ( I might even sneak on when no one is watching and post an article or two, but don’t tell Marian.)

If you have something to publish, contact Marian directly. Her email is

You can also read our first website: both are online.

Marian and I attempted for thirty-plus years to create a site where RPCVs could connect and respond to issues of international development and the lives of RPCVs by exchanging comments. Keep doing it. Thank you for going to the site all these years.

Now, I’m getting to work on my book.


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  • Thanks for all of your work over these many years…..its provided a great connection point for so many of us. Best of luck as you move onward to new ventures.

  • New book? Whatever the main theme be assured golf will play a role, be it a mashie found at the scene, or a mashie-niblick thrown in a lake.

  • Thank you for all of the lovely information, news, and other goodies to read over the years. I’m sorry to see you go but know that Connections is in good hands with Marian.

  • Thank you John for all of your service to the Peace Corps’ goals and especially RPCVs. You are appreciated. Great job finding someone to pass the baton to and AU’s role in archiving to whole deal.

    Mbolo Mirian Beil!

    Andrew Herman
    Gabon 1993-1996

  • Thank you for all you and Marian have done for the Peace Corps community. You are the personification of the Third Goal in action. It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with you. I look forward to your next book.

  • I am so sad that I will not be starting or ending the day with your blog. I love the books though and look forward to a new one. I have spent pleasant hours with more than a few and have given them as gifts that have been passed around the neighborhood. Perhaps I shouldn’t have done that, it might have been better to just tell our neighbors to go to Amazon. Wishing you all the best.

  • We’ll miss you, John. But it’s been great having you at the helm to this point. I know the site will continue in good hands, with Marian.
    Cheers from here (in the state of Washington, but within view of Portland, Oregon) to wherever you’ll be. Keep safe, keep well, and keep on writing!!

  • That headline hit hard, even though you’ve prepared us well. I will miss your name in my inbox, a daily reminder of the most transformative years of my life and the huge and wonderful community we belong to. Thank you for everything, dear John, especially all your support over the years. I too am trying to hunker down to finish a book–I wish you better success than I’ve had to date! I am so relieved that Marian is continuing this great resource.

    All the best to you!

  • It is a close of a long day especially 3 hours later here in the Pacific side of things! And yes I agree with Mark Himmelstein, go west young man! Some Ethie 1s would love to meet and greet! I haven’t forgotten your book in the making and will be back in touch. It has been an honor to come full circle from summer of ’62 to spring of ’21 still weaving our PC experiences into our lives due, in great part, to the work both you and Marian have done to keep us in touch and the PC relevant not only to us but to the world at large! Soak up all these wonderful comments and enjoy transitioning into the next phase of your life! All the best!

    • Thanks, Sue, very sweet of you. And thank you for all your great book reviews that you did for the site. It is people like you and others who wrote essays about their experiences that made our efforts worthwhile. John

  • John, what a marvelous contribution to the PCV community!!! and beyond! Profound thanks for all you’ve done and do!!

    Good to know that Marian will be “carrying the ball”!! Tough to replace you! But she’s up to it!

    Good fortune with your book! Stay tuned….. 🙂 and thanks again, ‘ol friend!!


  • Thank you John for supporting this wonderful platform as a way for volunteers to communicate and keep informed. Marian, I appreciate that you are willing to keep the fire burning.

  • John, Thank you for all guidance and support along the way. Your advice has been instrumental in improving my writing skills and confidence. I will miss your name at the helm but definitely maintain contact with Marian Beil and A WRITER WRITES. I wish you all the best with your book in progress and all other endeavors. Please keep me informed and take care in these troubled times times. Best regards, Michael J. Beede Peru1(963-65) and Venezuela (1968-70).

  • John, once again, thanks for ensuring with Marian the continuity of Peace Corps Worldwide and for setting up its archiving with AU, and thanks for generously sharing your points of view and humor over the years, and thanks for alot more, old friend. If you need someone to carry books on your around-the-world book tour, look no further!

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