Could Ambassador Christopher Stevens RPCV Been Saved?

Ambassador Stevens was an RPCV. He brought his Peace Corps experience and his values to his appointment as Ambassador to Libya. He was assassinated in an terrorist attack in Libya on September 11, 2012. This week, the then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton will testify before a House Committee investigating the circumstances surrounding the terrorist attack. .  To understand one accounting of what happened immediately before, during, and after the attack, read the testimony of Gregory Hicks, who was in charge when Ambassador Stevens had left on a mission.  Here is the link:



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  • Joanne – I urge you to post your questions above with the testimony of Gregory Hicks as published by Fox News.

  • These are questions that the testimony should answer.
    1) Where is the Embassy in Libya located? Tripoli or Benghazi?
    2) What was Gregory Hicks doing when he missed two cell phone calls from the Ambassador?
    3) Were any reinforcements sent to help Stevens?
    4) Who was Hicks talking to during the night of 9/11 into the early morning of 9/12?
    5) What happened to the fifty plus American personnel stationed at the Embassy?
    6) Who retrieved the bodies of the fallen Americans and those others wounded in the attack?

  • Testimonies are structured from questions fine hands pose.
    Narratives congregate to determine what allows wielding hatchets. “moral center” and “police state in America” concerns emerge.
    Some hope a golden angel of sun will uncover a real story.
    Invention, intention, creative innovation, and carbon dating combine.
    What happens to the victims gets lost in this history’s clown-faces.
    Childhood desires turned life’s wheels. Mischances shape apprenticeships. Young, you don’t know what’s coming. Life is a riverbed all pass through. Some may realize losses, grasp failure within inner sanctums, and recognize a far shore before reaching it.
    Others — including our brave RPCV brother and public servant Christopher Stevens — do not have the privilege. Honor them.

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