Confirmation Hearing for Peace Corps Director Nominee Jody Olsen

Listen to a video recording of Jody Olsen’s appearance for her confirmation hearing before Senate Committe on Foreign Relations. Kevin Edward Moley, nominee for the position of Assistant Secretary of State, was also interviewed by this panel at the same time that Olsen was interviewed. The interchange between Moley and members of the Committee was very interesting,  informative, and substantial. In my opinion, the questions for Jody Olsen were more pro forma and yielded little information of how she might act as Director.  The meeting runs about one hour.



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  • My impression was that the committee had already decided that they would affirm Ms Olsen’s nomination. What was discussed was the safety and health of serving volunteers, which apparently everybody was agreed upon. John Turnbull New Mexico

  • Thanks, John Turnbull. I may listen to the hearing tonight. I hope you are right and Peace Corps can move ahead under her leadership. I hope the budget won’t be cut. Judith Guskin Thai 1

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