Cindy Mosca (Ethiopia) shows us “How To Remember Our Tour”


After the Peace Corps,  Cindy Mosca (Ethiopia 1967-69) returned to teaching but eventually left teaching art and went into the field of ESL. She became the Director of the Bilingual Program in Cicero, Illinois. She has a son and a daughter who live in the Chicago area. She and her partner, Dennis live in Bloomington, Indiana. They both love to travel and you can find a record of their travels (including a return to Ethiopia) at

Since retirement she has returned to painting. You can view samples at her web site.

Cindy loves making videos for family and friends. She has transferred old slides for them into videos which can be saved to YouTube, a flash drive, a DVD or somewhere in the heavens via iCloud or Google.



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  • Cindy – The video is captivating for its technique and showcase of pictures, the blog has so much warmth to it and was fun to read, and your life story is inspiring. Thanks for sharing it all.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. I do love making these videos and if you ever decide you want something like this done, I would be happy to do it. It keeps me out of trouble though COVID-19 seems to be doing a good job of that right now.

  • Hi Cynthia Mosca

    Your U-Tube Video is wonderful. It really shows you how to remember a great experience. Our paths may have crossed since I was a volunteer from 1965-67 in Ethiopia. You have definitely captured the people, the culture and the land of Ethiopia.
    Cynthia Ellison

    • Thank you so much. I love making these and have done so for a few others. I was in Woldia both years with a summer project at the University in Addis.

  • Thank you for making this video. So much of the human connections you feature will remind any Peace Corps Volunteer of the special relationships they developed during their service. They say the average person watches only 48 seconds of a video before they click on something else. You have made a most interesting video for yourself and your friends and family, but also for the Peace Corps community. I watched every minute.:-)

  • This is such an amazing reflection of your time in Ethiopia. You have captured a transformative spirit.

  • I sure did enjoy your video and blog Cindi and you have inspired me to try and do the same, many thanks.

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