Chic Dambach (Colombia) publishes new edition of EXHAUST THE LIMITS


Inspired by the leaders, causes, and music of his youth, Chic Dambach set out to change the world. This is the fascinating life story of a ’60s antiwar and free speech leader who remained true to his values and helped build a more peaceful world. Along the way, he witnessed the torture of a black football teammate, he led a strike for his Peace Corps training group, his best friend and mentor was murdered, he donated a kidney to save his son’s life, faced financial ruin, helped end two major wars in Africa, and created the first Global Symposium of Peaceful Nations. Exhaust the Limits is a compelling adventure story and road map for idealists young and old. The cover is a caricature by Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Matt Wuerker. The story of their chance meeting on a river and his vital role in saving USIP is in the book.

Exhaust the Limits: The Life and Times of a Global Peace Builder
by Charles F. “Chic” Dambach (Colombia 1967-69)
Apprentice House Press
350 pages
May 2020
$27,99 (hardback); $19.99 (paperback)


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  • Congratulations, Chic. It sounds fascinating, including the great title, and I look forward to reading it.

  • A perfect story and reason why the world can be made a little better with more Peace Corps. Perhaps for Chic and the others that served in Colombia after its’ decade of massive civil violence the rewards of service reached a little deeper.

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