Charles Carrington Cox (Ecuador 1965-67; APCD/Peru, Brazil 1970-75) publishes first book

Charles Carrington Cox (Ecuador 1965-67) & APCD (Peru, Brazil 1970-75) who has worked over 50 years in development, living in 50 developing countries and the former Soviet Union and its satellites, retired in 2010 and has just published his first book, Uprooting Terrorism Everywhere.


uprooting-terriorismThis book proposes strategies and tactics to dismantle and ultimately destroy insurrectionist movements and genocidal dictators and presidents for life. The approaches to achieve these objectives are presented in the first chapter. ISIS, al-Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram and offshoots of these movements are targeted. The proposed dethroning of murderous dictators is complicated but feasible. The author condemns leaders who played the tragic zero sum game – “my way or we fight to the death” to topple governments or militarily carve out autonomous regions. Many lost the game, but meanwhile their horrendous agendas cost hundreds of millions of lives. A strong thumbs down is given to influential bystanders who could have prevented at least some of the bloodshed and misery. Among them: government leaders and the clergy – even a pope.

Everyone would like to see Interpol deputized to become the worldwide sheriff to help civil society extinguish imminent brush fires and their perpetrators. 200 countries are Interpol members; they could ratify a plan that de-politicized the fielding of military forces to destroy the enemies. Interpol already informs countries about all types of criminality and emerging security issues. Each member country would have the option to help neighboring countries put out a fire. They all have standing armies standing around anyway. Former colonial powers could weigh in to help if invited.

Despots and insurrectionists must be liquidated so affected countries could rebuild and reinstate democracies. Trade and investment opportunities would be reinvigorated internally and with overseas business partners. Tourism would resurface once the suicide bombers and their movements were crushed. The flood of millions of refugees to Europe would abate somewhat. However, virtually none of them would return voluntarily to their countries of origin until security issues were resolved and employment opportunities emerged.

Dictators can be “removed” by tactics recommended here. International regulators would trigger the freezing and seizure of the billions of despotic dollars in Swiss and other safe havens. Several innovative methods that would undermine the despots’ regimes are proposed here. Individuals funneling cash to insurgents should be incarcerated.

Major emphasis is placed on educating everyone through secondary school on a mandatory basis. No country would be allowed to deny that education for girls; if they did they would become a pariah state. Foreign aid, trade and investment would dry up. Mark Zuckerberg announced his commitment to the delivery of Internet connectivity to the four billion inhabitants of the planet with no access in 2013. Modern educational services for all would become an attainable achievement. He should be urged to accelerate this initiative.

The need for people to behave ethically and honestly from an early age is emphasized, as is the need to deal harshly with bullies. People are urged to resist the tendency to avoid “getting involved” and contact authorities when someone appears to be a seriously disturbed potential loan wolf. Meanwhile, everyone is urged to respect – and certainly not fear – other races, cultures and customs just because they are “different”.

Uprooting Terrorism Everywhere
Charles Cox (Ecuador 1965-67;  APCD/Peru, Brazil 1970-75)
Dec 2016
178 pages
$15.95 (paperback), $13.99 (Kindle)




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  • Thank you for information about this important book. I have been haunted by the power of terror tactics and look forward to reading this. I note that Cox would probably have been APCD when Shinning Path in Peru was operative.

  • Maybe we ALL ought to read this book, in an effort to rid our country of the Tangerine Dweeb. (Sorry, I meant Mr Trump. If he turns out to be a great president, I will apologize and you will ignore this note.)

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