Looking for a good cause for Christmas?

Our site supports PCVs and RPCVs and anyone who works for the agency. We don’t go looking for causes, but Katie Flanagan is the sister-in-law to a woman who I worked with, an RPCV, and when my friend asked me to help her new sister, I couldn’t refuse. It’s a good project and this is a Peace Corps country, and PCVs in the field are involved. So if you are looking for a good cause for Christmas, think of Tanzania.]

kuponoThe Kupona Foundation was created in March 2009 to support Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT). CCBRT, itself founded in 1994, is composed of a surgical disability hospital, community rehabilitation, and training programs.  Its headquarters in Dar es Salaam, clinic in Kilimanjaro, and mobile services throughout the country, directly benefit more than 120,000 patients and caregivers. The next five years promise to be a period of tremendous growth for CCBRT, as it has just entered an unprecedented public-private partnership with the Government of Tanzania to build the Baobab Maternity Hospital.  At this juncture, Kupona is critical to broadening CCBRT’s funding stream and network of development partners to include individuals, organizations, and businesses based in the United States.

For more information, contact Katie Flanagan at kflanagan@kuponafoundation.org, or 917.639.4024.

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