Catherine Bell (Brazil 1966–68) publishes RUSH OF SHADOWS

Rush of Shadows by Catherine [Fitch] Bell (Brazil 1966–68) was chosen by the Washington Writers Publishing House (WWPH) as the fiction book it will published in 2014. rush-shadowsThe WWPH sponsors an annual competition for writers living in the Washington-Baltimore area working in fiction and poetry. The winning works in these two categories comprise the pair of books that WWPH publishes each year.

bell-catherineRush of Shadows evokes the clash between natives and settlers in 19th century California through the friendship of two women — one white, one Indian. Tough-minded and lyrical, Rush of Shadows brings to life the human dimensions of a tragic conflict which corrupted the winners and left the losers to haunt the landscape as shadows.”

The official publication date for Rush of Shadows is October 15th, however it currently can be purchased at Amazon.

Rush of Shadows
(historical fiction)
by Catherine Bell (Brazil 1966-68)
Washington Writers Publishing House
October 2014
384 pages
$17.95 (paperback)

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