Carrie Hessler-Radelet Says “Good-Bye”

Dear Returned Peace Corps Volunteer,                                                                                     January 19, 2017

As I complete my service this week, I want to reach out to all of you for the last time to express once again how grateful I am to have served with you during my tenure as director of this amazing agency. It has truly been the greatest honor of my life to return to the Peace Corps and lead you all in our historic efforts to safeguard the Peace Corps’ extraordinary legacy, welcome a new generation of Volunteers, and so much more.

The magic of the Peace Corps depends on collaboration and on the will and spirit of each person to be of service to the world. I remain in awe of the creativity, drive, and goodwill that I have witnessed among our staff and Volunteers (serving and returned) over the last nearly seven years. The agency is invigorated—and it is because we truly share and respect our great mission. We are in this together. We are family. I am sad to leave you—and to end my time here at the Peace Corps. But I leave in full confidence that your collective vision, passion, and hard work will lead us to places we are only imaging today—and that our proud 55-year legacy is secure.



Please remember, no matter how short or long your tenure with us, no matter what your job or role: you are not just holding down the fort or keeping the ship on course. You are the ship; you are the fort. The Peace Corps is strong and on a steady course.

I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you again as we champion the cause of peace, and work to send committed Americans to serve those most in need of our nation’s noblest impulses to help, heal, and bring hope.

Until we meet again, warmest regards,

Carrie Hessler-Radelet
Western Samoa 1981-83


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  • On behalf of our approx 1400 RPCVs in New Mexico, and S Colorado, I want to thank Carrie for her service, and hope that by one means or another (perhaps this website) we will hear from her again. Retiring PC Directors have a habit of disappearing. Thanks for posting this, John. JAT

  • Carrie…you continue to be a Volunteer at heart and mind. When we visited Volunteer projects in Panamá and Colombia…you brought out the best in all of us. You have been a good friend, my Director, and a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, I am honored to have served under your leadership. Hasta pronto, as I know our paths will cross again! You are an awesome individual Carrie. Peace Corps will always be your home!
    Bob Arias

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