Carol Spahn (Romania) New Peace Corps Director


Carol Spahn (Romania 1994-96)

Just this week, Carol Spahn (Romania 2994-96) had her Senate confirmation hearing to become the next Peace Corps Director. During the hearing, Carol spoke about the importance of the safety and security protocols in place to protect the hundreds of Volunteers currently serving on the ground in 45 countries as well as the agency’s priority to ensure Peace Corps service is an option considered by broader and more diverse communities in America. Carol’s opening statement expressed deep gratitude for her “Peace Corps family — including the staff, Volunteers, host families, and counterparts for the heart and soul with which they carry out our mission everyday.”

We at NPCA are thrilled to finally see Carol’s must-deserved nomination move forward toward final confirmation. We have been honored to work with Carol and her strong leadership team over the past year on collaborative efforts to navigate this difficult period of planning for the Peace Corps’ new future. And we hope that she will soon be confirmed by the full Senate, an outcome for which we’re working every day. You can watch the nomination hearing here. NOTE: Carol’s hearing was during the second panel and starts at the 1:40:00 mark.

The stars are aligning for this to be an incredibly productive December for the Peace Corps as the Senate works hard to confirm Carol, and its version of thePeace Corps Reauthorization Act (S. 4466) so that it can become law. All of this is happening while we’re on the verge of seeing the first increase in Peace Corps funding in seven years. These important reforms and robust funding are essential as the Peace Corps seeks to meet the needs of a changed world for RPCVs and the next generation of Volunteers. So thank you for all of your support throughout these incredible legislative twists and turns. Our advocacy as a community is crucial to ensuring that we maintain and grow a strong, healthy, reformed, and revitalized Peace Corps. What we do now matters to Congress, to the agency, and ultimately, to our country’s peaceful service around the world.

Lastly, I am humbled by the generosity and spirit I have seen across the Peace Corps community in the last week. I’ve seen countless RPCVs posting about their favorite social impact programs, and am incredibly grateful that so many of you chose to include NPCA in your giving plans this year. No matter how much you contribute — whether it be your time, skills, or money — every bit really does matter, and the whole of our Peace Corps is only as good as the sum of its individual parts.

In service,
Dan Baker
Interim President and CEO

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