Books Nominated for 2016 Special Award

Inclusion: The Dream and the Reality in Special Education
Jeanne D’Haem (Somalia 1968–70)
Roman and Littlefield
July 2016

Proverbial Laughter of the World: Afghanistan to Zimbabwe
by Nicholas Hoesl ( Afghanistan 1965-67)
LaughterDoc Publications
September 2016

The President’s Butler
by Laurence Leamer (Nepal 1964-66)
Foggy Bottom Books
September  2016

One Million Frogs: Lessons About Entrepreneurship Learned the Hard Way
Rhett Power (Uzbekistan 2000–01) and Peter Gasca
Mill City Press
June 2016

White Moon in a Powder Blue Sky: A Primer in Healing from both Sides of the Veil in Memoir, Sonnets and Prose   
Julie R. Dargis (Morocco 1984–87)
Indie House Press
July 2016

Visions of a Lost and Future World   Philosophy/Ethics
Jane Stillwater (South Africa 2007)
May 2016


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